Osteoporosis More Condition_symptoms In Old Age Does Cracking Your Knuckles Really Make You More Vulnerable To Arthritis Or Osteoporosis?

Does cracking your knuckles really make you more vulnerable to arthritis or osteoporosis? - osteoporosis more condition_symptoms in old age

Or is it just a rumor?


nopedamn... said...

My brother is a physical therapist, said that due to the crackling of the joints and bones of one of two things is. or that the strings that are "complementary" their way to the bone is forced air or fluid from the joints. None of these leads to arthritis or tendon ostepporosis Though it can be (but) only in some people and painful rare.

JOhn M said...

There is no evidence that cracking your knuckles, you ignite the joints and leads to arthritis. The cracking leads the bones of the joints are pulled apart to form a gas bubble and breaking the adhesive seal in the joint. Crack!

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