Words To Congratulate New Baby Am I Impairing My Little Ones Speech?

Am I impairing my little ones speech? - words to congratulate new baby

My daughter is almost 14 months. It can be said about 5 words, but I learned sign language for your baby for a few months, and they can sign more than 20 words. If the characters, I congratulate them and say that is the signature and really pleased and proud of themselves. My sister saw the signs, saying that his speech, I am concerned because she believes that my daughter at the signing of what he wants, and get used does not speak and is therefore time for learning language. She also says I am selfish as I was apparently so I can understand that! I offered to teach him the signs, but she says it's ridiculous and that my daughter would say many words. I think if the words (by the character combination itself) linking the two to be said. What do you think I'm undermining his speech? O - I'm afraid to use the word, but - it is the linguistic development of "normal"?


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