What Dose Biker Shoes Look Like What Dose My Dream Mean ?

What dose my dream mean ? - what dose biker shoes look like

Can someone tell me what my dream could mean?
I had a dream the other night and it was not
I dreamed that I was looking for a kitten on the anniversary of my son 19yr old days when we walked in this house that I knew, well, this building is available, but it's a courtship on the road for me, but in my dream I had a hand, and tickets to the first floor apartment before in 5 kittens, three ginger, another light and fluffy black and white and a little white cat ran all around us. My son chose a ginger, as I had when I was 10 years old, died when he was 14 years. If the left was a convoy of motorcyclists by side in traffic on the A6 at Little Hulton is true as I live, but they were on bicycles, but Land Rover, they were there to lift us a house, when I was in you from Luggage storage is full, but my son gave me the black and white kitten ginger but he chose first, and when he was in the driver began to leave, I said my son was with me, if it is not only my son but my daughter, she was expulsionCar when he spead away, I finally stopped the car, when I spent not in my town, but if in a city where time outdoors as a child and was ahead on the road searching for, it was just that the name my sisters called me. Then I wake up
Please help


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