Strep Red Palms Bright Red Palms And Bright Red Soles Of Feet?

Bright Red Palms and Bright Red Soles Of Feet? - strep red palms

My son is 4 years. Since its inception, has suffered from eczema and palm trees and plants with bright red felt too bright red. It bothers you, never complains. It requires a lotion ... Hydrohydrosis but if what you think. We tried. Is not eczema, Kawasaki, or strep. He was born since he was ... I finally got through at least one name for the red palm ... Erythema palmare Hereditarium ... but no real information on it. He says that there is a dominant genetic, asymptomatic, and autosomal. Apparently there is some information there, but it is written in German, Italian, and some other languages, but I do not know, even if they could translate.


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