Best Aa For Flashes Can You Use A 9 Volt Battery With A AA System?

Can you use a 9 volt battery with a AA system? - best aa for flashes

I was a part Nerf Firefly REV 8, so that I am the lightning, which could be used on the inside, then he hit me with two AA batteries, so my question ... If the flasher explode if I put a bigger battery?
Thank you.


billruss... said...

Maybe. Where necessary for 3 volt (2 AA batteries), then could not run from 9-volt smoke done.


Jay said...

If it is designed for 2 AA batteries, which certainly fried with a 9V battery. If you are after a smaller battery for something cool, you can use either 2 x 1.5V or 3V lithium battery. Watch batteries to operate. Cells of size N is small.

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