Sienna Vs Odyssey Taxi Honda Odyssey Vs Toyota Sienna (van Help)?

Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna (van help)? - sienna vs odyssey taxi

Hey guys, I have much time to think about it, but maybe in 2 years we could have a family car and mini-vans are def. Family cars. I need to know what is the best buy and why? I tend to a Honda Odyssey, but nothing could tip led me to the Toyota Sienna!
Thank you!


Me again said...

We went through the same scenario. There is little difference between these two vehicles that you may choose one over the other. You are always in the top-vans. Ultimately, we decided to go because we like the style of the Honda better. After several months of research and testing on the road for us all, that's a. I Almost one quarter. You can not go wrong with either. When we finally decided we are much more than she knew that everything he did, funding was received for our bank and requested a quote several Honda dealers on the Internet, and easily purchased on the bank with the best price.

blessedr... said...

Consumer Report Study guides you very well, both are big trucks and expensive.

bioGuru said...

Two years is a long time and who knows what the capabilities to change there. We will probably buy his later this year (2008). Given all the features of all is the support to feel better for us. But both are a good choice, and you should also try and see which best fits your family.

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