Why Is My Dog Throwing Up Mucus My Dog Is Throwing Up Mucus?

My dog is throwing up mucus? - why is my dog throwing up mucus

Just out of nowhere. Are you sick? the vomit was yellow and Brat


Messykat... said...

The yellow bile, and usually occurs because the stomach is empty. Will there be an unusually long time without eating today? Everything one hand, smooth, like cubes of bread or rice, or even a scrambled egg with water in the microwave (do not forget: cool!). Her gift for 1 or 2 meals feeding. If the first fails, you can also remember some cooked chicken. Then return to a normal diet.

If that happens, your stomach is irritated and I would call the vet.

Julia said...

And you did nothing about it?
What do you want?
Are you sick? What do you think?
Why not vet appointment?

DVM In The Making! said...

I agree. If this situation continues to call the vet. Not made for a call into account, and it is the only way to get the right answers.

╬żBindi§ said...

When did you last eat? What you describe is bile and vomiting caused by the stomach empty for long.

Give your dog a snack.

badwolf said...

ate grass ... my dog has all the time, but do not worry if your vet Next

mauveme4... said...

Upset stomach, he resolved boiled rice it. Before I give my child a slice of bread.

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