Get Well Soon In Spanish How Do You Say "No, I Haven't Seen Them Yet. I'm Sure I Will See Them Soon." In Spanish?

How do you say "No, I haven't seen them yet. I'm sure I will see them soon." in Spanish? - get well soon in spanish

How can you say, "No, I have not seen. I'm sure I'll see you soon. In Spanish?


mauricio... said...

No, I have not seen. I'm sure you'll see them soon = Not still observed. I am sure that / When you see

I (o / a), because it depends on if you have any concerns, or male () or female (a)

I hope this helps xD e-mail if you have more

Javy said...

No, I have not seen yet, I'm sure (male) / Segura (female) I would soon see.

It is not suddenly pronro.

Carver Descartes said...

No, I do not think, see ya. I know it will happen soon.

Changes to objects if they are women.

Jose said...

Maurice has done well

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