Motion Detector Rf Receiver Pc How Can I Find Instructions/schematic For A Intelectron BC8008KW Motion Detector?

How can I find instructions/schematic for a Intelectron BC8008KW Motion Detector? - motion detector rf receiver pc

I bought a house that has 5 BC8008KW motion. Obviously, the manufacturer may be suspended or even the producer! Operating from 110 VAC. They have two light bulb sockets and power electronics that turn off two shots on / when motion is detected and when the light is not sufficient.

I have several references to this device for things like the changes simply a motion detector switch a relay, etc., but not change anything about the "evidence" or how to properly set the field "to be less sensitive.

Ideally, I would find the schematic for this device and the manual, but no further information could be useful. Any ideas guys / girls?


Captain Salamander said...

I'm not trying to be an idiot, but after about 20-30 minutes of my time trying to find information (if you can not find online, it can not) you, shoved my frustration to me at this time. Would not it be easier to buy motion again? There are too expensive and can be purchased at many places like Target and Home Depot.

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