Hartford Leaders Annuity Are These Good Investments?

Are these good investments? - hartford leaders annuity

Are there investments or retired magician, I can say about two investments that I have? He Hartford Leaders variable annuities, investors and insurers, MetLife. I lost $ 22,000.00 in Hartford since early last year. Please tell me what you think of these two companies. Thanks


$so fresh so clean$ (3 for 3) said...

Variable annuities are a way for the insurance company to get rich. From there you can invest in mutual funds and a stronger performance. If you have a pension, always go for fixed-income securities.

Faraz K said...

should also focus on segregated funds, and because they provide a guarantee of capital protection and investment if held for 10 years with them to provide.

Are you in a program with DCA Hartford?

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