Most Popular Pantyhose What Were The Most Popular, Best-fitting, And Fashions Of Pantyhose Tights This Recent Fall And Winter?

What were the most popular, best-fitting, and fashions of pantyhose tights this recent fall and winter? - most popular pantyhose

What brand were the popular media (ie, DKNY, Hue, Anne Klein, Charter Club, etc.)?

Is there a preference somewhere between opaque microfiber, spandex, tights or pure silk?


J R said...

I'm biased, but I am a transvestite and Wolford are the best way by far. They all have the best styles that fit well and feel good. They are expensive, but if you want a good pair of socks they are.

dannypan... said...

Well, after what I saw: the sound was a hot commodity, with all its styles and fashion colors. CK & DKNY were also popular.

I shop, and take: Hue Sheers & Panty, Sheer active CK Oroblu Repros 70, shines WOLFORD ALIVE Hanes, Leggs and active support from Burlington, SEAR nice touch.

Dear money account 25-40. I believe that support them better for the legs, and I am (all day a cashier), is the great support!

My settings are among the top lycra / spandex.

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