Comic Wolf Anna Podedworna Off-white Website Need A Title For A Wolf Comic. Any Ideas?

Need A Title For A Wolf Comic. Any ideas? - comic wolf anna podedworna off-white website

My BD is a small group of wolves, which separated from their bags and finally caught by people. You need a way to seek from the case of man, of course, free of charge before the customer's rights is "his" bring order "(the one on the black market) has been through links. I'm sorry, vague, but I prefer not to give too many details. an idea for a decent title? Even if you can throw some ideas my way, I can from there. I need to work just a bit too. ^ _ ^


☆ Danny - ダニー。 said...

Los Lobos
A Tale of the Wolf
People (Russian Wolf)
Rogue Wolf
White Teeth

Charlott... said...

Only Lobos

Forlon Lobos

Lupus on the moon
(Lupus, a southern constellation is located (the wolf), and partly in the Milky Way between Scorpio and Centaurus.)

Solus Lupus

just an idea.

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