What Can I Use To Wax My Junk If I Want To Skateboard Down A Mountain In The Snow Do I Need To Wax The Board?

If i want to skateboard down a mountain in the snow do i need to wax the board? - what can i use to wax my junk

If we take the trucks and wheels and garbage from snowboarding on a mountain I need to wax the Commission? I tried this before, but without the wax. does not work very well. Snow stuck to the bottom of the wooden skateboard after the film came out. The film was very fast? I need to wax or not is no differance?


TechGeni... said...

Yes, it's wax. Snow does not stick to the underside of the board so much, and the jury is much softer in the mountains. But be very careful because this could make the board very quickly and can be dangerous!

afunnypi... said...

If you really want to have fun, try a snowboard or snowskate.
Yes, the Snow skates, and some have to take a shell of a ski run for their trucks, and wheels. Tho, which can be very expensive.

Im not sure if the wax will help it even more, but it is likely that without them. Skateboard decks arent made with porous foundations really take the wax.

Jonathan D said...

Yeah, sure would be much faster growth and smoother. But I warn you that it is very dangerous. So be careful

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