Pimples Virgins Is It Normal To Have Pimples Around Pelvis?

Is it normal to have pimples around pelvis? - pimples virgins

I am 16 and have virgin.I grains, which at first glance around the basin area.Is appear that normal?


hotchoco... said...

Yes, quite normal. What happens is that cover the weld and the pores around the pool at their faces as he did. Make sure when washing a focus on areas that are not cleaned by rubbing too hard drawn. I have the products for my face in my pond up.But sure, was to avoid contact with her clear genitalia.Then it helps fine.Hope

mr.gl00m... said...

Ima 15 years .. Virgo
and I have the same ....
= [
UR not the only muh friend. "

Coolboy1... said...

Yes, it is quite normal as checked Acne can occur anywhere, and these points could be just "hot spots", or allergy to clothing, but are in the best part of them

babychel said...

babygurl worry you're not alone. usually, although not everybody gets older, it is normal. try as quickly as possible when dealing.

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