Impacted Bowel Treatment I Took Magnesium Citrate (saline Laxative) For Impacted Bowel. What Can I Eat Now?

I took Magnesium Citrate (saline laxative) for impacted bowel. What can i eat now? - impacted bowel treatment

The ER doctors told me yesterday that drinking a whole bottle this morning, what I did affected my bowels (sorry lol idk another way that hadnt good) Cuz shit in about 2 months. So, after using the bathroom all day (finally) that I can eat? Do not eat, I'm really scared too little fluid is trapped inside, and again do the same thing happening again. Plz help! Thankss


melissa b said...

Start with liquids and then gradually to solid food. try the soup, then things like pudding, mashed potatoes, ice cream. Then things like rice and noodles. and go from there. Stay away from popcorn and fruit for some time as these tend to cause other joints. Try to get your fiber intake and drink plenty of water to hold.

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