Porcelain Painting Supplies Can I Paint A Glazed Porcelain Figurine?

Can I paint a glazed porcelain figurine? - porcelain painting supplies

We have a cute little ceramic figure that your taste as a memento of the wedding. Unfortunately, it is made of white porcelain with blue as the accent. I wonder if I can all the articles of gold metallic paint match our motiff. Is it possible? If yes, what is the best color to use, and what special training should be done? Your advice is greatly appreciated.


kk said...

At this point, the spray paint is your best choice ... It will last for marriage, but is not eternal. Use a spray of metal, then use spray varnish on acrilyic.

Nadine - Unity CEO said...

Just go to the craft store and buy gold. You should not make the arrangements for the other object to be cleaned. Gold is still well above email. If he could not stick to enamel the statuette with soap and try to let it dry completely before being plated.

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