Roast Fillet Of Beef Roast Leg Of Lamb, With A Rosemary And Redcurrant Glaze, Touch Of Garlic, OR Roast Fillet Leg Of Pork,?

Roast leg of lamb, with a rosemary and redcurrant glaze, touch of garlic, OR Roast fillet leg of pork,? - roast fillet of beef

Crispy Crunch, served with sage, apples, sausage and onion stuffing, apple sauce. It is customary golden mountains of crispy roast baby new potatoes, parsnips cabbge roasty, carrots, very fine green beans, mashed peas and cream and salsa.
Bowl of Apple and Raspberry
Black Cherry Cheesecake
Ron cream and chocolate cake
Peach Melba
O fruit skewers with three kinds of chocolate sauce?

Cheese and crackers, coffee and hand-shock, port, liqueurs, cognac at the end

These are all favorites of my father: What is the main dish and two pood what I do, and nobody wants to a birthday dinner tomorrow night?


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