Lingerie Stores What Are Some Lingerie Stores For Heavier Chested Girls?

What are some lingerie stores for heavier chested girls? - lingerie stores

I'm 18 and I wear a size 36E. Yes, I know they are big or comments, please. Every store I go into the arms are usually only 2 or 3 colors for me - black, white and naked. This is very annoying for me. I am a student and you want different colors to choose from. I know I can go to Fredericks of Hollywood, but also other businesses?


Niki T said...

Not all the secret places of Victoria Fs When I was a 32F, I have to go to Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. I just hope they do not grow, or should be in line with his arm in Europe. I think there are not many stores that sell physical on a G-Cup in the United States and no sale of the G-cups of small 36th

thebrock... said...

Victoria's Secret's usually great things for my child. A wide selection of colors and styles. She is 36DD and although a bit pricy is comfortable the whole time. also exciting things available.

rarabear... said...

Lane Bryant - My friend is a 36F, I think your bras and put them - and they have great colors like purple, turquoise, green, etc.

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