Margarita Mixture Does Anyone Have An Authentic Mexican Margarita Recipe?

Does anyone have an authentic Mexican margarita recipe? - margarita mixture

We Vallarta travel twice a year, but never succeeds in getting the right mix at home - and I've even Controy we reported. The recipes, which require equal parts simply do not know all fair. I know they are not "real" but I prefer frozen margaritas on the beach of Mismaloya have. Has anyone lived there and have the recipe?


Jayle said...

I only have one word for you: The experience

Ok, you want more than one word? You need the tequila, Cointreau and drop a little. So, you're probably not using the same mixer. Is it in Vallarta you use a "Margarita Mix, lime juice or fresh lemon juice, Rose?" This would make a big difference in taste.

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