Medieval Walking Sticks Vampire Characters Should Be Called...?

Vampire characters should be called...? - medieval walking sticks

Period of all, no one here to comment: "Oh my God, are overvalued as vampires, there are many books about vampires coming out right now! Just go. Now go. I" report "and look forward to just being impolite (not mentioned, know nothing of the literary classic, timeless).

I write a novel of epic fantasy where vampires are at the center, although there are many other creatures of the imagination. My vampire is classic, natural walk in the night (I think moving the concept of Dracula, so they go into the day, but quite natural and weakens), friends (of animals, rats, wolves, vultures, etc.. .) and very brutal and very easy demonistic if they are hungry or food.

Since this is an epic fantasy set in an alternate universe (the Victorian meets medieval meets the future was), I must mention the vampires? I'm calling "old" do not know if this is strange. Something else or just "go Vampire?


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