Gestational Diabetes Sample Meal Plan Gestational Diabetes Snack Ideas?

Gestational diabetes snack ideas? - gestational diabetes sample meal plan

I just discovered that you have gestational diabetes a few days ago. I'm going to my doctor on Monday. I'm sticking with the sample menu that I must try this weekend and I'm starving! I have no problem eating, so I'm used to low volumes, but it seems that I am hungry all the time. I want to eat snacks during the day and at night before sleep, but before bed, can hold a sandwich of peanut butter. I hate peanut butter. I can not swallow. What can I eat a snack before bedtime? Can I eat like a bowl of oats with honey, grapes or what? I did not have much money to go and buy all kinds of fruit, try to limit the benefits of eating meals. I think I can eat anything! Someone please give me ideas about what I eat and what's good for my baby. I am deprived, hungry and) Caffeine (headache. I would do anything for my baby. I just need better ideas of food to eat and drink.


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