Counter Surveillance Equipment What Equipment Can Detect Hidden Body Wires/audio Recording Devices Hidden On A Person (Rat) ?

What equipment can detect hidden body wires/audio recording devices hidden on a person (Rat) ? - counter surveillance equipment

I see on the websites cons-inspection of a large quantity of error detectors of many different variations. Which model or type that you know / strongly recommend that users close to someone they keep hidden microphone or audio channel subscriptions? Looking for a portable device business in the bag can be informed by the vibration? Please give links.
(Incidentally, I am) by the private investigator.
Thank you!


tacoman said...

just use a hat with aluminum foil ... if they are blue UFOs tracking their habits Care

Crash Consultant said...

There is life simplified device that you can do to detect hidden son ...
First, take a wire from a lamp or other electrical appliance age. Cut the wire in the vicinity of the device, so you have cable 3 to 4 meters. Bande son to expose the wire length cm by about 5.
Wrap the exposed wire around the base of his pee.
Insert the other cable in the ass and take care not to touch on the head is already there.
Plug the cable into a socket.
If you feel a vibration ... is a cable in the region.

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