Letter Of Continued Employment How Should I Finish This Letter To My Employer ?

How should I finish this letter to my employer ? - letter of continued employment

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**** ******* I want my work to ******. Even more do I have for any inconvenience this may have caused my employer, team leader or co-operation, co-workers ask, since my absence. On this occasion I would like the manager and my team leader for giving me the opportunity to stay away from work, thinking about my work with this company to thank.
............ So, what do you think would be a good stop after that?


Andi, HR Specialist said...

.... New section

It is my intention, an excellent employee of the company, and his patience in giving me time to make that decision is highly appreciated.

Best regards,

Just little ol' me said...

**** ******* After careful consideration, please take this as an indication that I continue my work in ******. Also, I apologize for any inconvenience my absence may have caused my team leader or co-workers.

At this point I would like to thank the Director of the tent and my chief of staff for their patience and advice. I am grateful for the opportunity he gave me and I can assure you that I will be very motivated and an asset to your company.

Cool Kid said...

.... After careful consideration, I decided that all pockets are a few showers. I know you are guilty without the benefit of my presence, but I'm way to cool off for work in a group of dildos like you. With great here all I will start my day and skeedaddle. Peace out bytch.

The EFF-off and
Your Name Here

Mr. Prefect said...

If you actually took the time to "to this job you need to go forward, not to think backwards. You kissed your boss. Not for nothing now.

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